Clients and brands

Servytronix, S.L. has received training from Hans E. Ruth S.A., Electromedicarin, Tecno-gaz, Amplifon Iberica, Tuttnauer, Primedic, Newmed, EME (Electronic Medical Equipment), Durviz, Eppendorf, J.P. Selecta, Weinmann (in Portugal), Zoll and Medical Italia, Biosan, Resonance, Esco Medical, Maico, Seca, Otometrics, Cosmed, Storz Medical, Avea, Vela, Fotona, Gilson International, Cardioline, Bionet, Transgenomic, Chova, Metrax, Intavis, Söring, Euroclone, New Brunswick, Orto Alresa, Nonin, Mindray, Scharlab, SL, Soehnle, Partec, ELITechGroup, BV, Such, Beckman Coulter, Dynex, Diatron, Spencer, among others.

We are specialists in repairs and verifications / calibrations of medical, technical and scientific research equipment thanks to the high qualification of our technical team and the availability of materials necessary for repair.