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The new Aurical of Otometrics, technological star of ExpoOptica

The presence in ExpoOptica of Otometrics marked a milestone for the brand. The growing interest of the optical sector in Audiology resulted in innumerable visits to the exhibitor of the equipment division of Grupo GN.

In an increasingly professional and technological sector, which shows clear parallels with that of telephony, the technological evolution of the audiological cabinet sets a trend, “and there the new AURICAL has no rival,” says José Manuel Olmo, Otometrics Commercial Head for the channel of auditory cabinets.

At the fair, audiologists and opticians who are close to audiology could meetin situ the benefits of AURICAL. The new team has been created to help in all areas of the profession. Integrate into a modular equipment all that a hearing specialist needs: a real diagnostic audiometer, a binaural and wireless Microelectronic Sonar (REM) measuring device, effective counseling tools and a hearing instrument analyzer that works independently or together with the other components. The different elements are coordinated by the intuitive OTOSuite software that acts as a unique reference in the adaptation process …

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Source of the news: http://sanidad.puntex.es/