RESONANCE is an innovative solution provider for hearing assessment. Our mission is to bring Italian creativity and excellence to the Audiology and ENT world.

RESONANCE has operated in the Audiology industry for more than 25 years. For decades we have been a major player among the worldwide manufacturers of medical devices for audiology as EMS for the Amplifon Group. Over the past 25 years our company has overseen the design and manufacturing of the latest generation of medical devices under the brand Amplaid, recognized over the time for tests quality and reliability by Audiology and ENT communities.

RESONANCE today offers turnkey solutions for hearing assessment, with the aim to provide innovative, effective and quality solutions for audiology. RESONANCE manufactures a full range of audiometers, middle-ear analyzers, combined systems for clinical, diagnostic and screening purposes, with smart solutions for pediatric assessment. Our devices are designed and manufactured entirely in house and distributed worldwide in more than 60 countries through a dedicated, exclusive distributors network.

Technology, research, quality and design: RESONANCE reshapes the audiology industry.